What is BOA (Black Oasis Dot Art)?  Well, it is an indie company created by me Chris Johnson.  As a solo developer, I spend what ever time I have left during the week to work on this site as much as I can.  Which isn’t a whole lot of time as I still work full time to keep the lights on.  Hopefully this will change in time and content on this blog page will improve over the years to come.  For now the focus is pushing out richly detailed comics and small indie games that I hope provide some means of entertainment.  I do enjoy the freedom of creativity that I get while working indie game development on my own.

Before I started this page and became an indie developer, I was more of a freelance artist that also loved 3d and animation.  Eventually, I found myself drawn to working and importing models into game engines and trying to make things happen.  From there, you can see I’ve gotten caught up in the whole thrill of making and releasing digital content. Thankfully, creating an indie comic keeps me rooted in more of my traditional 2d artwork that I still do enjoy.

So, hopefully, this explains some of my madness on this page.  Also hoping some of the content presented here will make sense in time as the stories concerning these projects and concepts unfold and make their release.


About Black Oasis dot Art:  Maintained and updated by the creator Chris Johnson concerning all content (games and comics) featured and the company name and logo and all materials used for this site.

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