SkyTec Racing

SkyTec Racing is an espionage game that takes place in a new age of conscious technology coming soon!

Here is a Teaser Trailer for the upcoming game.

Development is still in the early stages but none the less, I would like to share some of what is happening with this project.  For the most part, it will be a game where you will need to accomplish tasks concerning the delivery of digital goods in the real world off grid.  AI has pretty much taken over the web.  Many factions have sprung up both human and artificial.  All with different agendas and reason for the procurement of intellectual properties at a high value.

As a driver, you have to overcome different obstacles in different environments to infiltrate, deliver, protect, and save world changing critical data.

The story takes place in a distant future here on earth in a diminished population where you will see abandoned but serene landscapes.  Its a place of longing beauty and an aspiring monument of historical achievement from different minds all over the globe.

Stills image of car
Osmium stills image
Stills image of car
Myzer car image
Car pic
Vale image
Car stills image
Movie image of car
Car image
Weisson car image


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