SkyTec Dystopian Stage


Game Dev is still happening here for the upcoming game SkyTec Racing. Here is a single stage being visualized before bringing it to unity3d.  There is also a comic book in development that will coincide with this game called SkyTec Dystopia.

Get Ready To Play

start menu background

BlackOasis.Art is a small indie site for digital content created by the artist Chris Johnson. The primary focus of this site is to drive an awareness of what is available and what will be coming for gaming entertainment and comic publications as well. The goal in gaming from Black Oasis Dot Art is creating a …

StarLight Terminus

StarLight Terminus Star Logo Black and White

You can also download the game directly here: StarLightTerminus1.2 StarLightTerminusDemo Or you can continue to a game page site. Now Available on these sites: StarLight: StarLight, an Elite Class Pilot.  It is you who has been selected to take up the challenge in removing a difficult stronghold.  It has taken root through out the galaxy …