Atom, a lead character in the story Man on the Moon. When the creator  (Dr. Azel)  awakened Atom, destiny was set in motion that would change the paradigm of all living things in order to build a new hope for life to continue in the galaxy.  Atom was designed to save the world but he must first process his surroundings to gain a full understanding as to what is at stake concerning the impending doom of their near by star going supernova.

Created as a being with high intellect and special abilities, Atom receives his many attributes from the LE-HURTS system created by the doctor. Light Engine – Hyper Under Response To Stimuli.  This ‘engine’ is a nano tech machine capable of achieving many attributes of all living things concerning converting energy (mainly light or converting matter into a wavelength), memory and sampling, building and repair. The end game for Atoms body is the consummation of all living things for storage and travel unto the new home somewhere in the interstellar universe.

Atom Portrait
Detail Costume Draw
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