character draw Incite

Introducing the character Incite for the comic Man on the Moon.  While a side character, he plays a pivotal role for the development of Atom on his quest to find meaningful answers to his purpose in finding his creator and saving the planet from total destruction.  His abilities are much like Imperial in that he …

Imperial Portrait

crop for portrait of Imperial

This is another render of Imperial to better define her facial features that will continue through out the comic pages for Man on the Moon.  I'm really looking to nail down the features for all of these characters as the story gets underway.  Hopefully, these additional drawings will add to the perception of the characters …


Atom, a lead character in the story Man on the Moon. When the creator  (Dr. Azel)  awakened Atom, destiny was set in motion that would change the paradigm of all living things in order to build a new hope for life to continue in the galaxy.  Atom was designed to save the world but he …


Comic book character Imperial

Imperial, one of the three creations from the Doctor or 'The Man on the Moon'.  She plays an important role in shaping humanity and all of reality for the survival of all sentient beings that inhabit the Doctor's home planet.  Much like Incite, she will be a critical foe to the inhabitants on the planet …

The Artilect Third Persona

Artilect Third Persona Wide

This Artilect (an artificial being of intelligence)  has a habit of telling long stories of worlds unknown to many.  Guised as a kind of wizard who likes to see the reactions of those who hear his words.

StarLight Terminus

StarLight Terminus Star Logo Black and White

You can also download the game directly here: StarLightTerminus1.2 StarLightTerminusDemo Or you can continue to a game page site. Now Available on these sites: StarLight: StarLight, an Elite Class Pilot.  It is you who has been selected to take up the challenge in removing a difficult stronghold.  It has taken root through out the galaxy …